Sonja Veltkamp


After several years in advertising, the lights went out. Back to my essence, my strenght... what do I enjoy, what gives me energy. I dived into my intuitive development and learned personal coaching skills, retrained myself als a visual arts teacher and the animals came back into my life... love at first sight!


The choice was easily made, not knowing that our animals would present me with great challenges. They made me aware of my intentions, thoughts and feelings and how I create my reality. They taught me to indiacte and push my bounderies, to be consciously present and to trust my intuition.


Since 2002 I have immersed myself in personal growth, creative expression, coaching and the power of animals. In adition, as a former Art Director, and Teacher of Visual Arts, I have gained a lot of knowledge and expiernce with various creative disciplines and the creative process.


Whitin my Intuitive Coaching, all my knowledge and expierence come together and I like to use my strenght and talents to inspire you, so you too can fulfill your dreams with great pleasure.


For an overview of my (work) expiernce, I would lke to refer you to my LinkedIn profile.


Sonja Veltkamp

Hint & Whizzy


Hint (in memory)

A sweet, gentle solid Paint mare. And although she is super sweet and teaches me to ride with all my handicaps. She is absolutely not the easiest horse around. Everything revolves around gaining a relationship. You do not just gain her trust. She is very precise and clear in her feedback. Do you dare to work with this honest mirror?


Whizzy (in memory)

Certainly appeals to your leadership qualities. This cheerful Quarter gelding is not inferior to his male colleague stallions. He is eager and wants to work for you. How do you deal with this vibrant and masculine energy?


Hint & Whizzy

Luka, Senna & Gunner


Luka (in memory)

Luka my shaman, a real cuddly bear and friend of children, she makes you happy, was very strong, suprisingly fast and super straight. In addition, she has mesmerized many with her gaze and helped overcome their fear of dogs.


Senna (in memory)

Our Senna, super fast and intelligent. Takes up her own space, but always keeps an eye on you. Sometimes a little scared, shocked in the past. She is learning to deal better with what life has to offer her. If you're in your head, she won't listen, if you put too much pressure, she'll leave. In short, a challenge to be comfortable in your body and subtle but clear in your communication.


Gunner (in memory)

Always happy, looking forward to everything and wanting to be with you where ever you go. Nt as fast as Senna by nature, but so much willpower that he sometimes spurts past her. Gets along particularly well with cats and is dag that real likes to connect with you.


Luka, Senna & Gunner



Lola is very happy and lively, athletic and of course loves children and water like a true Leonberger.


Lucky Lola of the Bernese Garden

Lucky Lana


Lana is open and curious. She likes to learn and understand everything around her in a playful way. She prefers to move freely and also loves children.


Lucky Lana